Water management can make more sense. It can be smarter.


Smart Water Management is a technology-driven irrigation management company to help keep your landscaping as beautiful and sustainable as possible. We partner with property managers and landscape professionals to provide adaptable irrigation solutions to be cost effective and protect property environments.


We bring your landscape environment to life through our
Smart Approach


We assess the history and current state of your irrigation system and how it identifies what is working and what is not working with your property.  From there, we make recommendations on how to make it smarter.

We adapt using our smart technology to monitor water usage and landscape in real time. Our system responds to the weather, seasonable factors, plant maturity, and specific characteristics of the landscape environment you love.

We preserve your landscape and water. Our technology system tailors the irrigation process so that your plants reach maturity and your lawns remain lush. This preservation facilitates years without waste, saving you money and water over time.


Services we offer

  • Our Smart Approach Assessment

  • Installation of accurate and efficient irrigation controls

  • Your custom maintenance plan

  • Basic care Training

We work with

  • Property Managers

  • Public Space Managers

  • Landscape Professionals

  • Sports Turf Managers

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