Kyle McNerney, Founder and CEO

Founder of Smart Water Management, Kyle McNerney, is passionate about controlling irrigation so it complements the landscapes and the people managing them. Kyle has an in depth understanding of turf management and irrigation, developed through experience on golf courses. Outside of golf, Kyle saw turf and plant health issues which were brought on by watering incorrectly. Problems were assessed, a plan was implemented, watering was adjusted and plants began to thrive. In the process, water bills were cut in half, irrigation became reliable and landscapes looked their best.

I don’t want people to think irrigation has to be difficult, time consuming or confusing. It is a group of mechanical parts and it can be tied to the landscape with an understanding of what the parts do.
— Kyle McNerney


Chris O’Brien, Project Manager

Chris has a passion for the science that fuels the Green Industry. His experience in golf course management with his academic background at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, brings a unique academic and client service perspective to Smart Water Management.

Chris is proud to be a part of a company that uses modern technology and throughtful design to help clients consistently save water using the Smart Approach process. 

“I felt like what Smart Water Management was doing was important. With each project we’re helping people make the most out of these systems and assisting them along the way. We get to help some of the best people in the Green Industry make towns and communities healthier, safer and more sustainable.”
— Chris O'Brien