Water Management can make more sense. It can be smarter.


Communities and businesses know when a landscape is designed and preserved well. They know if someone cares about it or not. Smart Water Management understands that well designed and preserved environments bring people together.

We partner with landscape professionals, communities, and academic institutions to provide and design adaptable irrigation solutions to be cost effective and protect the environments we all like to use and return to time and again.

We are a technology-driven irrigation management company to help keep your existing and new landscaping as beautiful and sustainable as possible.


We bring your landscape environment to life through our
Smart Approach


We assess how irrigation of your current landscape can best match your personal goals. Whether it’s a new or existing project, we will design with you to ensure we are developing solutions. 

We adapt using smart technology as a tool while we provide the oversight and expertise to effectively monitor water usage and landscape health in real-time. Our systems adapts to environmental changes such as the weather, seasonable factors, plant maturity, and other unique characteristics of your landscape environment. 

We preserve your landscape environment and water so results aren’t just a one-time deal; the results increase as your landscapes mature. The systems we work with you to put in place improve how your landscapes are managed and cared for so that plants are lush, water is not wasted and money is saved.